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Let’s talk about saddles!!

Updated: May 9, 2022

Did you know that a bike saddle can actually be comfortable? A saddle may seem like a minor detail in the big picture of mountain biking but (no pun intended) it can be a limiting factor! It's hard to go for a long ride when you're uncomfortable.

When I got my first mountain bike, I rode on the stock saddle and it really hurt. It was so uncomfortable, I could not ride for very long and had to make frequent stops. I would feel sore for days afterwards and I thought that I just needed to “build up” to longer rides. I kept doing this for a few years. I ended up spending quite a bit on different chamois and continued to have the same outcome.

My partner listens to lots of podcasts and one of the mountain bike podcasts he listens to was talking about saddles and how to “measure” yourself for one. He ordered a little kit from SQ Labs and went through their suggested process. He got a saddle that fit his measurement and it was certainly an improvement for him. I decided to get myself a kit as well. When it arrived, it had very clear directions. It came with a piece of corrugated cardboard, directions, and a chart. I placed the cardboard on a low step and sat down on it. This made an impression of my sit bones. I found my magic "measurement" number and bought a saddle according to the SQ Labs chart. I ended up getting a saddle from the saddle manufacturer, Fabric. My mind was blown! I couldn't believe how comfortable it was and I ended up getting two more, one for my other bike and one for my trainer.

Getting a measurement for your saddle is easy and totally worth the small amount of time it takes. My ride enjoyment increased exponentially after getting a saddle that fits properly!


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