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Sessions for progression

I will design a customized session just for you and your riding goals. Your session will guide you through safe and logical skills progressions that will improve your riding. 

All levels welcome, ages 10 and up. Book a session today!



I love mountain biking!

I first discovered mountain biking in 2014 and have been hooked ever since. My love of mountain biking has expanded to sharing my passion with others through coaching. I am a BICP Level I certified coach and I look forward to advancing my certification in the future. I have the most fun on my bike when I feel confident and in control. My goal as a coach is to share the joy and excitement that exists in mountain biking. I love seeing the mountain bike community growing in South Central Alaska, and I want to help riders build the skills necessary to have a safe and fun ride!

I was born and raised in Alaska and have lived in Anchorage since 1999. I love our public lands and the amazing recreational opportunities they present. I have been a career teacher for 13 years. When I'm not teaching or riding bikes, I like to splitboard, cook, work on my bikes, do volunteer trail work, and try new baking recipes. 

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Allison O
With this being my first mountain bike lesson, I did not know what to expect at all and was honestly pretty nervous at first! But the moment we began, I felt very comfortable and welcomed into Sofia's teaching style. She was so patient and motivating. I appreciated being able to ask any questions I had, no matter how silly they felt to ask! I truly felt supported and encouraged by Sofia and I am looking forward to practicing the skills we focused on and scheduling another session! I would highly recommend Sofia as a coach to anyone interested in mountain biking.

Private sessions are 1:1 coaching. You will receive a customized lesson, tailored just for you. A private session is great for anyone looking to improve their skills in general, or on a specific skill. You will experience a safe and logical path to progressing your skills. 

Start with a skills session then book a trail session to try your skills in real trail scenarios. 

Group Sessions are for those interested in learning in a group setting. 

Essential Skills sessions are for riders who are just starting out and want to learn the basics of mountain biking.

Fundamental Skills sessions are for riders who want to progress their skills.

Custom closed group sessions available.

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