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Sessions for progression

I will design a customized session just for you and your riding goals. Your session will guide you through safe and logical skills progressions that will improve your riding. 

All levels welcome, ages 10 and up. Book a session today!



I love mountain biking!

Mountain biking is my favorite way to recreate in Southcentral Alaska because the area is filled with miles of wonderful single track trails ranging from urban trail systems cities to remote backcountry locations. Mountain biking is an exciting and dynamic sport, with endless levels of progression. For me personally, I have the most fun on my bike when I feel confident and in control. My goal as a mountain bike coach is to help you build up your confidence. I will help you achieve your goals at your pace in a safe and supportive environment. I am a career educator with a master's degree in teaching. I am a BICP certified skills coach.

I love the opportunity to combine my passion for teaching and my love of mountain biking through coaching! 

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Allison O
With this being my first mountain bike lesson, I did not know what to expect at all and was honestly pretty nervous at first! But the moment we began, I felt very comfortable and welcomed into Sofia's teaching style. She was so patient and motivating. I appreciated being able to ask any questions I had, no matter how silly they felt to ask! I truly felt supported and encouraged by Sofia and I am looking forward to practicing the skills we focused on and scheduling another session! I would highly recommend Sofia as a coach to anyone interested in mountain biking.

Before your lesson, you will register and provide some information about your goals and what you hope to accomplish in your lesson. I will use this information to plan your lesson. At your lesson, we will start with a brief helmet and bike check. You'll ride a little to warm up then we will do some targeted drills to help you accomplish your goal. All lessons except 1-hour have a trail component where we will ride specific features on a trail and practice executing the skills you worked on in real-life situations.

Fundamentals camp is where you can go to build a strong foundation for your riding. 

We will cover all the topics to elevate your riding to the next level. This camp is for beginner to intermediate riders who want to improve their riding. Topics covered include: Body positioning for all trail scenarios, effective braking, starting and stopping on hills, cornering, descending , dynamic riding, and wheel lifts. You'll leave with a solid riding foundation and some new friends to ride with!

We will go ride sections of trail that will have features for you to practice specific skills on. Trail rides are a great supplement to lessons and help to build your confidence on the trail. 

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